Village Construction Projects


Current Construction Projects 

Staff has begun coordinating with contractors to complete several capital improvement projects, detailed in the Village's 10-Year Community Improvement Program (CIP). As we enter the 2018 construction season, stay tuned to the Weekly Construction Updates on this page, register for Glencoe CONNECT and subscribe to Village eNews for timely updates as these projects progress.

View the Fiscal Year 2019 CIP Project Schedule (Updated June 2018).

Construction Communication Survey

The Village is always looking for ways to improve our communication efforts, and as such, has developed a survey to gauge resident's satisfaction with our outreach during these projects. All response data will be kept anonymous and will be used to inform our future communication plans.

Should you have questions regarding this survey, please contact Management Analyst Adam Hall at ahall@villageofglencoe.org / (847) 461-1115.

Northwest Commuter Lot Light Replacement - In Progress

Northwest Commuter Lot Streetlight Replacement
The northwest commuter lot has 13 street lights which were installed in the early 1990’s. Some of the precast concrete poles show signs of deterioration and could potentially become a safety hazard. As part of this project, deteriorating poles will be replaced and fixtures will be updated to more closely match the downtown fixtures including LED lamps. The Fiscal Year 2019  begins the first phase over a ten year period to replace commuter parking lot poles and fixtures. The conversion to LED will increase the life expectancy of the lamps that results in the reduction of utility costs and operations cost.

  • Total Project Cost: $130,000
  • Project Contractor: Jasco Electric, Co.
  • Project Start Date: December 3, 2018
  • Project Completion Date: January 31, 2019
  • Project Manager: Donald Kirk, General Superintendent
  • Resident Impacts: Some intermittent loss of parking in the commuter lot.
  • Construction Update  - Month of December: The contractor has begun work on directional boring electrical conduit and the placement of concrete pads for the new light poles.The western half of the northwest Metra commuter parking lot will be closed Monday thru Friday for the next three to four weeks.
  • Project Location Map: View location map
  • Photo Gallery: Coming soon

Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Program In Progress

Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Program Project Background

This year, sanitary sewer lining, sanitary manhole rehabilitation and the next phase of engineering for inflow/infiltration (I/I) compliance will occur in the area generally north of Dundee Road and west of the UP-North railroad tracks (extending somewhat further south and east in some locations as seen in the map at right).

The Village's sanitary sewer system consists of 40 miles of sanitary sewer main, 900 manholes and eight lift stations. Sanitary sewer lining is a trenchless technology that involves pulling a new liner through an old pipe. Through a process of inflating and curing the material, the pipe is rehabilitated. Lining sanitary sewer mains eliminates inflow and infiltration which contribute to charging the sanitary sewer and results in basement backups. The Village hired an engineering consultant in Fiscal Year 2018 to assist staff in selecting a targeted priority area within the Village system to perform detailed investigation through smoke testing, televising of sewer main, and physical inspections of manholes to check for (I/I). 

Notification letters have been mailed to properties that will be directly impacted by excavations and other construction related activities. 

  • Total Project Cost: $450,000
  • Project Engineer: RJN Group, Inc.
  • Project Contractor: Mauro Sewer Construction, Inc.
  • Project Start Date: October 8, 2018
  • Project Completion Date: December 7, 2018
  • Project Manager: Anna Kesler, Village Engineer
  • Resident Impacts: Temporary lane closures, Parkway restoration for impacted areas, Temporary sidewalk closures, Intermittent loss of sewer service.
  • Construction Update  - Month of December: The contractor has completed all 14 sanitary sewer point repairs. Work on manhole adjustments have begun. It is anticipated that work will continue for approximately four to five weeks to complete the remaining point repairs and manhole rehabilitation work. 
  • Initial Notification Letter: View notification letter
  • Follow-up Notification Letter: View notification letter
  • Project Location Map: View location map
  • Photo Gallery: Coming soon

Ravine Outfall Improvement Project 
In Progress

Ravine Outfall Improvement Project

Approximately half of the Village’s storm sewer system (east of Green Bay Road) drains to Lake Michigan, primarily through seven natural ravines and ravine systems east of Green Bay Road. Storm sewer outfall structures exist where the Village storm sewer system discharges into the bottom of each of these ravines.

These outfall structures serve to reduce and control the velocity of the discharge from the storm sewer and protect the ravine areas from erosion, which is critical to ensure the stability and viability of Glencoe’s unique system of ravines. There are also outfall structures that discharge directly to Lake Michigan at street end right-of-way locations. Improvements to ravine and Lake Michigan storm sewer outfalls are critical to the Village’s storm sewer systems and drainage basins that they serve. Work will occur at the following locations:

  • South Avenue Outfall Improvements will consist of replacement of the structure at bottom of bluff and restoration at the slope at Lake Michigan.
  • Sylvan Road Outfall Improvements will consist of the stabilization of slopes and restoration of ravine area north of Sylvan Road Bridge.
  • Aspen Lane Outfall Improvements will consist of replacement of the failed sections of a 30-inch storm sewer and  ravine area north of Aspen Lane.