Bitcoin Extortion Scam

Glencoe-Public-Safety-LogoCrime Alert - Bitcoin Extortion Scam

Last Updated May 16, 2018
The Public Safety Department was recently notified by a resident who received a suspicious letter in the mail. The sender claimed to know about the recipient’s infidelity (a false claim) and threatened to notify the recipient’s spouse unless the recipient paid $8,200 in Bitcoin. Fortunately, the resident notified Public Safety and did not pay the extortion money. 

Further investigation revealed that this is a growing scam across the country. The letter is fairly detailed, and includes instructions on how to use Bitcoin to pay the extortionist. Therefore, once payment is made it is highly unlikely that the criminal will be identified or that the money will be recovered.

Please do not become a victim - never send money to anyone you do not know or cannot verify as a legitimate financial transaction. If you receive a Bitcoin extortion letter, do not reply and report it to Glencoe Public Safety (847) 835-4112. Contact Detective Ryan Harrison at rharrison@villageofglencoe.org / (847) 461-1133 for more information.